Working USB sound card?

Alexandros Bitoulas albitoulas at
Mon Mar 7 15:01:00 UTC 2011

Στις Δευ 07 Μαρ 2011 16:11:24 Giuliano Braglia γράψατε:
> Hello :) Yes it's me. I'm still trying to get the US 122 to work. I also
> asked for an alternative distro to try.
> But... just in case i decide to change card, any advice?
> I want a "cheap" device, not only to save money, but also because if I buy
> a more expensive device, I'm never going to use it at its maximum
> potential, since I Just need to record guitar, midi and voice :)

Alright, I suppose mine is one of the cheapest one's! :)

This is it and it worked out of the box in a minute!

As far as the sound quality is concerned, I do not have the appropriate 
knowledge and experience with other cards to tell. Anyway, it probably is a 
low quality device in relation to its cost.

I am using it since last week and I have to say that in terms of it's easiness 
and cost, it is a value-for-money device for quick recording of my guitar!

Best regards,


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