Connecting PA module-jack-sink to a different JACK port

Lindsay Haisley fmouse at
Tue Jul 19 00:08:25 UTC 2011

I'm running PulseAudio and jackd according to the instructions at
<>.  My consumer grade sound card (Intel) presents 6 input ports in JACK.  Ports 1 and 2 are the default ports, and go to a couple of JBL studio monitors via an external amp.  Input ports 3 and 4 go out through the "rear" jack on the onboard soundcard and are my beep-and-bop ports, and go to a couple of small desktop computer speakers.

PulseAudio JACK Sink comes up in qjackctl with outputs front-left and
front-right, automatically connected to the system ports 1 and 2
(playback_1 and playback_2).  I want my system sounds, which come
through PulseAudio, kept out of my main speakers and sent instead to my
small desktop speakers, which means that I want qjackctl to start the PA
jack_sink and jack_source modules and set the connection to system
inputs playback_3 and playback_4 instead of the default playback_1 and
playback_2.  Is there any way to do this using pactl and pacmd from the
JACK startup scripts, or some other way to do it without disconnecting
the default connections and manually activating a JACK patchbay?

I can find precious little documentation on module-jack-sink and
module-jack-source and how to control the default setup in JACK.

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