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Fri Jul 1 05:02:14 UTC 2011

I have raged against Ubuntu's directional change, a comment made here, to me
when I questioned the possible use of xfce made me do some due diligence.
The comment was explore it before you condemn it. In the light of that
comment I explored xfce, mint and natty. I did not like the the vanilla xfce
but, it's customisable. Loved Mint I have that as my office OS now. upgraded
one of my laptops at home to Natty and persevered for a few days, you know
what, after getting round the changes I have to say its not bad. It's not
there yet but, it's not bad. 1 or 2 more releases should make a difference.
On 30 Jun 2011 16:44, "mentoj dija" <mentoj_dija at> wrote:
> well, i'm using ubuntu for 4 years now. but i finally have enough of it.
> i'm tiered of updating a hole system after half a year. i know, that can
> be helpfull, but its also annoying. and the change to unity clearly
> showed me, that its going into a bad direction, which is not any more
> focused on the users. in my eyes.
> i probably will stay with Ubuntu studio for music production, but for my
> daily work, i defenitly will change to debian (testing). Unfortunately
> i'm not smart enough to compile a real-time-kernl by myself. Thats why i
> have to stay with 10.04 for my studio distro.
> On 30.06.2011 12:14, Ricardo Lameiro wrote:
>> Well, ubuntu is based on debian, most of the pacakages used by
>> ubuntustudio come directly from debian syncs.
>> Bear in mind that making a distro is hard and needs a lot of
>> development time and effort.
>> Also, I dont think that UbuntuStudio will change to debian as its
upstream :D
>> Just for curiosity, why did you asked about that? what would be the
>> advantages of moving into debian in your POV?
>> 2011/6/30 mentoj dija<mentoj_dija at>:
>>> hi,
>>> i don't want to cause any war or smth. and a simple NO is answer enough:
>>> but isn't it time to switch to debian to build a studio-distro out of??
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