changing to debian?

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at
Sun Jul 3 07:14:36 UTC 2011

Hi :)

I 'switched' to Debian, but kept Ubuntu Studio, in other words, my
machine is a multi-boot Linux computer.

> well, i'm using ubuntu for 4 years now. but i finally have enough of
> it. i'm tiered of updating a hole system after half a year.

Stay at an 'outdated version' as long as it fit to your needs.

> i know, that can be helpfull, but its also annoying. and the change to
> unity clearly showed me, that its going into a bad direction, which is
> not any more focused on the users. in my eyes.

Full ACK! I don't have the time to add a list with pros and cons, so the
short version. Doing a minimal install of a mixed Debian stable and
testing comes with many advantages compared to Ubuntu Studio, but it
also has got a big disadvantage, nothing can be done automatically, you
even need to know what packages to install, to get the printer working,
while for Ubuntu Studio you just need to open a GUI. For Debian there
e.g. is a startup script that switches CPU frequency scaling always to
ondemand, if you aren't aware of 'things' like this, then you'll
experience a lot of bad surprises. Regarding to my NVIDI graphics I need
a mix of stable (for the graphics) and testing (for current apps), this
wouldn't be an issue if pinning would work as it should do, but it
doesn't. I always need to check if everything is correct, before I
upgrade packages.
Again, full ACK, but unfortunately it's the same for Debian. There are
pros and cons for both distros.

> i probably will stay with Ubuntu studio for music production, but for
> my daily work, i defenitly will change to debian (testing).
> Unfortunately i'm not smart enough to compile a real-time-kernl by
> myself. Thats why i have to stay with 10.04 for my studio distro.

As soon as I've got some time, I can write a howto compile a kernel ex
2.6.39 and how to enable 'rt emulation'. It's the same way for Ubuntu
and Debian.

FWIW, I attached the scripts I used to build my Debian kernels. To get
the 2.6.39 emulation work, you also need to edit GRUB and note, ALSA for
the kernel-rt is outdated, you might need to compile ALSA too.


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