How can I record my guitar with the T.BONE USB-1G?

Alexandros Bitoulas albitoulas at
Tue Feb 22 13:15:11 UTC 2011

Στις Τρι 22 Φεβ 2011 02:08:40 Tim Cook γράψατε:
> On Tue, 2011-02-22 at 01:18 +0200, Alexandros Bitoulas wrote:
> > Hello guys to all of you.
> > 
> > I am a very newbie with the ubuntu studio, although I use kubuntu many
> > years by now as a simple user. I play guitar and I want to record my
> > playing for sending it for an audition at a jazz university!
> > 
> > So, due to financial restrictions, I have just bought the T.BONE USB-1G
> > from Thomman.
> > 
> >
> > ae73a789
> > 
> > However, I need your help to make it work, i.e record my guitar through
> > any programme, like Ardour which I am trying to learn currently!
> > 
> > Please, could someone guide me through the steps that I need to go, in
> > order to be able to record my guitar?
> Ardour is very powerful but if you just want to record your guitar 'now'
> and can get JACK working then use Rakarrak or Guitarix and jack_capture
> for recording.  You can then edit it with Audacity etc.  to meet your
> immediate needs.
> HTH,
> Tim

Deat Tim, your suggestions are very helpful!

I do have Rakarack v.0.5.8 -can't compile Guitarix-. And I installed 
jack_capture also. What are the particular steps that I have to go? 

When I open qjack, Rakarack appears at the Audio tab of the Connections window 
out_1 and out_2 Output ports and aux, in_1 and in_2 input port where the last 
two are connected to "capture_1" output port of the "system".

Also, Jack capture appears at the Audio tab of the Connections window of QJack 
with the "input1" and "input2" of jack_capture connected to "out_1" and 
"aout_2" of Rakarack. 

You can see all the above at the attached Connections window picture if this 
can help!

However, Jack_capture captures the sound of my cheap microphone that I am 
using for skype talking! How can I enable the TBone usb cable to be captured 
from jack_capture? Are there any options that I have to make in Rakarack?

Thanks a lot! 

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