Completely OT: How to Degauss a Computer Monitor?

Ralf ralf.mardorf at
Sun Feb 13 12:19:09 UTC 2011

Pardon, I hope you're indulgent, but perhaps another user or video
engineer is able to help. Using Ubuntu Studio/64 Studio is unpleasant
while the screen has got colour spots. 

When turning on my monitor or using the degauss option by the menu,
nothing happens, but a little click sound, without the additional noise
done by the degauss.

Because I don't have the professional equipment to degauss CRTs from
external, I tested 
        a demagnetiser coil for analog audio heads, with and without
        touching a long screw driver,
        a reversing hammer drill,
        not a hand-held blender, because the cable was too short,
        but a fan heater and
        another monitor degaussing while face to face to the motley
without success.

Until now I didn't screw on the monitor.

Any trick how I can degauss it today, without repairing it and without
buying a low cost CRT degausser?

Any hints about what component/s might be broken?



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