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Dave The Happy Singer smile at davethehappysinger.com
Wed Apr 27 01:44:15 UTC 2011

Hi Anthony (and all: this is my first post).

I find it easier to install vanilla Ubuntu, then the Ubuntu Studio
metapackages over the top. This solution assumes you're happy with your PC
being a general-purpose box as well as a creative machine and you aren't
aching for some specific boost only an Ubustu installation gets you. That
way you inherit all the working-out-of-the-boxiness of Ubuntu and get the
creative packages on top.

Dave The Happy Singer

On 27 April 2011 03:27, Anthony Hall <hall.johnanthony at googlemail.com>wrote:

> It has to be said.. Ubuntu Studio is by far and away the best operating
> system Ive ever used. It looks good, it feels good, its very well crafted
> and suits me in every way bar one!
> What I don't get is why something this good doesnt come packaged with a
> simple wireless set up like the regular ubuntu.
> Im actually installing it right now on whats going to be my new Home
> Theatre PC. Even as I do, I know in a short while Im going to be
> disconnecting my wireless and dragging the ethernet cable over just so I can
> update synaptic then install wicd.
> Like I say its elegant and beautiful, just a shame about the wireless. Oh
> well mustn't grumble. World class software for free is a good deal.
> Still 'Spoil the job for a ha'peth o' tar' springs to mind :)
> Peace all.
> Ant
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