Natty and RT Kernel (was "Maverick and RT")

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> Hi Laurent
> I am very happy with the work beeing done with lprod and other groups
> around linux and multimedia.
> the main problem about Ubuntu Studio, is that people dont have patience to
> work with ubuntu rules.
> Ubuntu studio is a community version, but that is partly supported by
> ubuntu. So freeze, new app insertions etc need to be made by ubuntu /debian
> rules.
> The problem is that people dont want to follow that rules, at least
> packaging. If insted of making that new distros with other packages with
> newers software, maybe the devs could join the already existing teams.
> Ubuntu studio and debian multimedia and help packaging more upstream as
> possible. because, they benefit from the work from others, but I dont see
> them contributing back.
> Shame on them. Falktx maintains a ppa for both ubuntu studio and kxstudio.
> I understand he want to make a kde derivative, but why another gnome one???
> why doesnt that devs come to the #ubuntustudio-devel IRC channel?
> but, they do things on top of others.....
> Audio linux users are very few, and if people start splitting, then it will
> be worse... but is related to musician, everyone want to pass on top of the
> others to say they are better, instead of collaborate....
> sorry for the rant, but it is very disapointing to see this stuff happenn
> PS. worse of all, they dont even use a good kernel for multimedia.....
> I can empathize with some of the reasons people want to make their own
distro, but Linux audio is never going to progress until we get enough
people focused on just one project.  At this point, I feel Ubuntu Studio
should be that project, because of it's connection to Ubuntu in general.

I've tried several other distros, as I think all of us have, with varying
degrees of success.  While some distros are easier and more effective than
others, it should be remembered that there is *not a single one that is
usable by the average audio enthusiast*.  At this point, someone who wants
to get into Linux audio either needs to have some familiarity with Linux, or
a lot of curiosity and a whole lot of free time.

Ubuntu's approach has gone a long way towards making desktop Linux
accessible to the normal person.  We should extend that vision by using
Ubuntu's powerful community to develop as easy to use and accessible a
multimedia-workstation as possible.  Why try to build a whole new community
by scratch, when Ubuntu has already done that for us?

One last thought on -rt kernels.  Some people have mentioned that real-time
is only for performance enthusiasts.  This is not entirely true.  There are
definitely some computers that are not usable as a DAW in any manner without
a -rt kernel.

-Brian David
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