Natty and RT Kernel (was "Maverick and RT")

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at
Thu Sep 30 15:31:16 BST 2010

You were asking for people using Ubuntu + Kernel-rt.

I'm using 64 Studio 3.0 (Hardy) and 3.3 (Karmic) with the 64 Studio's
multimedia kernel, which is a kernel-rt and several self build kernel-rt
(vanilla + patch).

Regarding to different distros based on Ubuntu vs all developers just to
work on Ubuntu Studio:

For example it's possible to add the 64 Studio repository to Ubuntu
Studio, assumed they are based on the same version of Ubuntu (Karmic,
Lucid etc.).

I don't think that there are distros hat do use JACK as the sound
server, but e.g. 64 Studio ships without PulseAudio, so all consumer
desktop apps do use ALSA directly, which is an advantage for users who
need JACK for audio apps, because without PulseAudio there's no pain for
flashplayer etc., vene whe  JACK is needed for Ardour, Qtractor or what
app ever.

And again a kernel-rt for Linux or ASIO for Windows does no hard
real-time, it's still a soft kind of real-time, so anything less, but a
kernel-rt IMO isn't good for a multimedia distro.

I would like to see Ubuntu Studio supporting the kernel-rt.

- Ralf

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