Natty and RT Kernel (was "Maverick and RT")

Alessio Igor Bogani abogani at
Thu Sep 30 07:19:13 BST 2010

Hi Ronan,

2010/9/30 Ronan Jouchet <ronan at>:
> latencies I reached with no xruns during a 10min rakarrack session on my
> test laptop (Dell Vostro V13 with a TI firewire card):
> -generic: 16ms
> -lowlatency: 4ms (@2ms: tons of xruns)
> -realtime: 4ms (@2ms: many xruns)
> To put it simply: -lowlatency all the way! It delivers impressive
> results for maintenance requirements way lower than -realtime (or -rt
> even more), meaning less work for maintainers and new kernel candy for
> users.
> A few diehard performance fans may appreciate a PPA with -rt, but if
> there must be one sustainable and supported priority, it is -lowlatency.

At least at the end someone have noticed it! :-)


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