GUI won't start after updates

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at
Thu Sep 30 06:34:24 BST 2010

2 cents regarding to the style how to quote when replying to a mailing

Please prefer the "bottom-posting" style, which includes the interleaved
reply style.

I never read the Wiki myself and I guess it's not too important to take
care of all the rules, but the "bottom-posting" style, .

Anyway, a time ago I had an issue that I couldn't boot into an upgraded
kernel version, hence I booted an older kernel and after a while, there
was another upgrade for the broken, upgraded kernel, that again was ok.

As somebody or some people mentioned before, try to boot an older
kernel, resp. run

uname -a

and run

ls /boot

and post it to the list and write if all kernels listed in /boot are
available for the GRUB menu.



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