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if you have the hardware, and easy way to do this on the software side would
be to have a separate machine, some cheap laptop would do the job, and some
kind of mixer... you could route the track into the mixer from whereever,
and a microphone, and pipe that into the machines sound card that is running
BUTT... that would combine the sources and doesnt depend on JACK at all...
you could do this with a CD or mp3 player too with a mixer going into one
computer (if you prefer the one computer rig)... even in JACK, its going to
be challenging if your using an onboard sound card... you might think about
splitting the channels left and right and thinking about it more like a 2
track audio device... put the music on one input (mono) and the mic on the
other, and mix those in something with JACK and output to whatever... now
that i think about it, IDJC would be nice actually because it blends the
music and a mic input.. why was that not working for you? the mic latency
didnt match the track?... i have only noticed the mic input in IDJC and
didnt really try using it..

On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 1:19 PM, Mike Dickson
<mike.dickson at>wrote:

>  On 09/29/2010 12:25 PM, Mike Holstein wrote:
> IDJC is quite nice, but probably not the best tool for the job... im
> unclear as to what the goal is exactly... will you always be playing the
> track and singing over it locally?? if so, the latency should be a
> non-issue..
> Yes, sorry, I didn't supply enough details.  Basically its me singing over
> a pre-recorded music track streaming into a shoutcast server (which I
> already have running remotely). So basically I need to mix a prerecorded
> stream with my voice and broadcast that to an external shoutcast server.
>  i would say the best way to do this would be darkice from JACK to an
> icecast server... i think the easiest way to do this would be using the
> B.U.T.T. (broadcast using this tool) client... IF you need to play the file,
> and have others *not* on your local network sing over them, i would
> suggest looking at netjack or jacktrip, (but those are difficult to get
> going) or the simpler ... mumble is
> cross-platform too...
> Mumble is interesting and I can think of some creative uses for that with
> SecondLife but thats overkill for what I need now.  I'll have a look at
> darkice and B.U.T.T.  In the past I had issues trying to figure out how to
> get the stream *into* BUTT but I'll have another look.
> Thanks!
> Mike
> On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 12:00 PM, Mike Dickson <
> mike.dickson at> wrote:
>>  Hi!   I'm trying to set up a configuration to stream "karaoke" style
>> audio (into SecondLife for a open mic performance).  I have jack running
>> (and pulseaudio running through it) and have used IDJC successfully to
>> stream.  I really haven't been able to use that to sing live because I
>> get a small but very obvious delay in the vocals. I thought there must
>> be a way to do software mixing similar to what you'd do in hardware:
>> that is playing the karaoke track over headphones and adding my voice
>> mixed down to one stream, then thats fed to IDJC.  If I have to I can
>> pre-record the tracks though I'd really prefer a live setup if possible.
>> Can anyone offer any suggestions or pointers to howto's to set up a
>> system for live performance like this?
>> Thanks!
>> Mike
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