[Marveric Beta] Result of testing some firewire devices

Takashi Sakamoto o-takashi at sakamocchi.jp
Tue Sep 28 09:37:25 BST 2010


I test my firewire audio device, M-Audio Firewire Solo and MOTU 828 Mk2
on Ubuntu Studio Marveric Beta. And I found some changes from Marveric.

1. default jackd is version 2.
As you know. We can change jackd2 to jackd1 in synaptic exclusively.

2. New firewire stack (?) is default
The default kernel modules for firewire is firewire_ohci, firewire_core,
crc_itu_t as a result of running "lsmod".
In lucid, these are raw1394, ohci1394, ieee1394.
The developper of FFADO seem to call the former as "new firewire stack"
and latter as "old firewire stack".

I read some documents of FFADO and they reccomend to use old firewire
stack. But it seems to be old for me. So I test my devices in both stacks.

2. both of my device work but...

I can connect jackd2 to my M-Audio FW Solo with both stacks but to 828
Mk2 only with old firewire stack. I use "rmmod" and "modprobe" commands
much time in this operation.

M-Audio Firewire Solo works fine in both stacks.
MOTU 828 Mk2 works in old stack but the sound is the worst.

3. new stack makes more FFADO XRUNs than old stack

Then I use Renoise 2.6.6 (Beta) because this version can run under
jackd2 in the same device (M-Audio FW Solo). I played the same sample
music in both stacks. As a result, I got more FFADO XRUNs than old stack.

You can see my report in launchpad.

MOTU 828 Mk2 works but the sound is noisy, like buzzing.

New firewire stack makes more FFADO XRUNs than old firewire stack.

Please post to this mailing list if you know the other changes between
lucid and marveric.


Takashi Sakamoto
o-takashi at sakamocchi.jp

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