How to use ASIO?????? [LINE6 POD X3 LIVE]

Asmo Koskinen asmo.koskinen at
Mon Sep 27 16:08:17 BST 2010

27.09.2010 16:38, Scott Lavender kirjoitti:

> I also have  Line6 POD, the original one, and use it with Ubuntu Studio,
> primarily recording with Ardour.  I'll run down how I do it:
> I take the mono (left) output from the POD and connect it to my breakout box
> for my MAudio Delta44.  From here I route it (using qjackctl) to Ardour, arm
> the track, hit record...and Bam!, I'm recording my guitar using my Line6
> POD.

Listen to Scott ;-) I do use my Line 6 Pocket Pod and Delta 66 very same 
way. And do not forget Hydrogen midi/drum machine, great tool to work 
with Ardour.

Here is yet another example - one man band bedroom recording (bass, 
guitars, ukulele, mandolin, blues harp) with Hydrogen and Ardour ;-). (Click the arrow at end of page).

With jackd and Ardour you can do whatever you like ;-)

Best Regards Asmo Koskinen.

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