How to use ASIO?????? [LINE6 POD X3 LIVE]

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On Mon, Sep 27, 2010 at 8:00 AM, Fábio Magnoni <fabiohmagnoni at>wrote:

> Hello guys!!!
> I have a Line6 POD X3 Live and I want to record the same way that I record
> in Sonar 8.5.
> I just plug my POD X3 Live, and select the equipament as my audio device,
> but I didn't found the ASIO driver to make its happens.
> Please, someone help me.
> []s
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A few questions.

How were you recording with Sonar 8.5?  Did you plug the Line6 from the line
out to your computer's sound card (audio interface)?

Why do you need the ASIO driver if you are using Ubuntu Studio?  Are you
trying to use a Window's program (perhaps the Sonar 8.5)?  Why not use

I also have  Line6 POD, the original one, and use it with Ubuntu Studio,
primarily recording with Ardour.  I'll run down how I do it:
I take the mono (left) output from the POD and connect it to my breakout box
for my MAudio Delta44.  From here I route it (using qjackctl) to Ardour, arm
the track, hit record...and Bam!, I'm recording my guitar using my Line6

Hope this helps.

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