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Scott Lavender scottalavender at
Tue Sep 7 18:07:09 BST 2010

Hello all,

Just wanted to update you on the progress for the gnome-network-admin
package for Ubuntu Studio.  First, just a reminder as to why we use
gnome-network-admin rather than network-manager.

It is my understanding that network-admin was chosen because network-manager
has the potential to put a dynamic and indeterminate load on the cpu while
it is searching and connecting to new wifi connections it finds available.
Since network-admin requires manual configuration to change your network
connection you should not experienced any "unexpected" load on your cpu
while recording and dropping that part of your uber solo you finally nailed.

Recently Chris Coulson updated gnome-network-admin to enable the interface
again for Ubuntu Studio users!  If you see Chris on the forums or in IRC you
might give him a big thanks if you appreciate this change.  I'll be sending
him a "thank you" email right after I post this one.

You can see more information about the update here:

The new version (2.30.2-1ubuntu4) is in the Ubuntu Studio Beta release and I
have tested it and found it to enable the configuration dialogue box.  If
you wanted to test it out as well you can get the latest Ubuntu Studio
development daily image release here:

The only quirk I found was that I could not start it unless I used the
terminal and typed 'network-admin'.  I had the network applet on my top
panel but it would not start network-admin when I clicked the Configure

I hope you find this news encouraging and I am happy to report the progress.

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