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Hector Anthony Henry Sjogreen hectorhenry17 at gmail.com
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How are you? well some day or month ago Scott Levender on the fridge:
Talking about Ubuntu Studio whit Scott Lavender, Project Lead For Ubuntu
[1] and on his blog The State of Ubuntu Studio 2010 [2] He spoke about
the necessities of Ubuntu Studio, and definitely we need to work on doze
thing like web page to give a good impression frequented update on the same
web page to keep uses update, am really willing to help but i dont know who
else would want to join whit me in this task.

To start to work on this like posting news be in touch whit the developers
need and make use of what we already have like the webpage.

My English its not so good but i really want to help. hopping to have a
answer and start to work.

1. http://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/2099

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Alexandria, ON, CA.

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