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Sun Nov 7 21:13:08 GMT 2010

On Sun, 2010-11-07 at 20:07 +0000, Ricardo Lameiro wrote:
> Hi, I don't think he made it in porpuse. this kind of things happens.
> There are a lot of people on the list, and sometimes someone can
> forget to unsubscribe before put up an auto-response message.
> That hard words can be a little to much for the situation. You can
> filter it out if you really want.

It's often considered a very good idea, if one commonly uses any kind of
autoresponder, to use a separate address for mailing lists.  This way,
one need not worry about forgetting, especially if one is on many lists.
This is indeed a common problem which novice email users trip on, but
it's amazing how juggling live cats can teach one the benefits of proper
email netiquette ;-)

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