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Thu May 20 12:45:47 BST 2010

Thanks for the responses.
(I first accidentally answered with this to one individual accidentally, so
I guess it didn't get on the ubuntu-studio-users list, now it's solved (so
far it is at least) I repost a modified version :-) )

I have this problem with proprietary and open formats. Flash version is Like many, I have discovered this has the 'buttons are not
accessible with mouse' bug when compiz is running, certainly on youtube.

After some testing, and looking around, I found the problem, it was linked
with the nvidia driver. For some mysterious reason, I think it must have
been because of an update, it used the 173 version, not the 'Current
Version' (has no number). I changed to 'Current Version', and the problems
are solved.

As a side note, I started testing my wacom ( intous 3) and the buttons don't
work anymore, while they did out of the box in US 9.10, so that's something
else to work on in the future. I only discovered it now, so it means I don't
really use these button very often, but any how, improvement, is
improvement, it should work. I'm just learning programming and am thinking
about working out a GUI for the wacom settings, but I can't promise anything
at the moment (got to have time for it).

system :
4GB ram
intel core2 CPU 6700 @2.66GHz,
video card : nVidia Corporation G73 [GeForce 7600 GS]
audio : intel corporation 82801H


2010/5/13 bart deruyter <bart.deruyter at>

> Hi all,
> Running ubuntustudio 10.04 I seem to have a lot of trouble with the
> playback of video. At first I thought it was a slow internet connection when
> playing flash video online, but it happens on local video, all types of
> video, from mp4 to mpg2, flv, mkv...
> Mostly trouble starts after pauzing for a while. I had this problem before
> when playing from a DVD because the content has to be read from the disk,
> that's normal I guess, but now it always happens when playing files on the
> harddrive too.
> For online video it is really a problem, because on short video's I even
> can't see any motion anymore. Playback of audio is not stuttering though.
> I have found a bug in the ubuntu bugtracker that could be compared with
> what I experience, but there seems to be only one other person affected by
> this : #572580<>. The difference is that my audio does not have difficulties. Perhaps I
> should file a new bug for this.
> Is there anyone who has a similar problem, or even a solution for it?
> grtz,
> Bart
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