linuxrt package not standard in studio ?

Gerhard Lang lang.gerhard at
Tue May 11 23:22:40 BST 2010

Indeed, on my amd and intel standard systems there is no urgent need to 
use a rt-kernel. These actual generic and preempt kernels i.e. allow 
rt-activation in jack and there is not much difference in cpu-load 
against rt- or ck-kernels. Using these rt-kernels you get extended 
options to customize and optimize  IRQ-settings an priorities; this may 
be interesting for the bleeding edge of performance tuning. But much 
more important is maximizing cpufrequency (fixed, no ondemand) by cpu 
frequency scaling for minimizing latencies and xruns.

Am 11.05.2010 19:41, schrieb Alessio Igor Bogani:
> Hi Laurent,
> 2010/5/11 laurent.bellegarde<laurent.bellegarde at>:
> [...]
>> I've done the install with the Ubuntu lucid amd64 standard CD, then
>> modified the sources.list, an update, dist-upgrade and to finish a
>> complete install of all ubuntustudio packages. Everything goes fine, but
>> after a reboot no RT kernel available in grub, and i've discovered that
>> the linuxrt package wasn't install with ubuntustudio-audio...
> I would suggest to you (and to all others readers in this ml) to
> install and use linux-rt only if it is _really_ required.
> You could take a look on -preempt kernel (available only on amd64) or
> -lowlatency kernel (for both i386 and amd64) available on my PPA.
> These aren't fully preemptible kernels but should be enough for almost
> all our users.
> Ciao,
> Alessio

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