Taking video off camcorder tapes

Rolf Krüger rolf-krueger at gmx.de
Wed May 5 14:11:05 BST 2010

Hi Pat,

On 04.05.2010 21:46, Pat Hannon wrote:
> How do I upload a camcorder tape to my computer? I want to upload video
> I took with my camcorder to the computer. It is not on a memory card.
> What do I need to do and what program?
> Thanks

I use a firewire-cable to connect my CamCorder (MiniDV) to the PC and
grab the videos using dvgrab - works smoothly. I guess some
video-editing-app (kinoDV or thelike) should have a GUI for dvgrab as
well. If your CamCorder or PC do not have a firewire-connector, maybe it
has USB? Otherwise you may be nailed ;-) I don´t know, if there are
devices which can be used as some kind of a MiniDV-TapePlayer  ... I
guess, google would do a great job to deliver first facts. Anyway it
might be of interest, to know what type of CamCorder you have and what
are the connection-capabilities of your computer ...


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