Ubuntu Studio, jack and pulseaudio

Michael Dickson mike.dickson at rivendellnh.com
Mon Mar 29 16:15:24 BST 2010

Hi, I've been running the Lynx Beta and am really pleased with what I'm
seeing.  In particular the integrated support for jackd w/pulseaudio is
nice.  If jackd is started it handles pulseaudio nicely and my jack
based apps work.  I have one use case however I'm not sure is possible.

I occasionally stream like audio into SecondLife.  The SecondLife client
works nicely with pulseaudio.  To do the streaming I've been using
internet DJ console (built from source, I had some trouble with the one
in the repo).  That requires jack support.  

I start the secondlife client and audio is fine.  Start Qjackctl and as
expected it shutsdown pulseaudio and starts jackd. I can now run my
streaming audio session.  Ideally what I'd like to be able to do is keep
both and be able to monitor the audio from secondlife as well.

I tried configuring a new default.pa in my local .pulse directory and
adding in the jack source and sink module for pulseaudio. If I do that
when I login the gnome gui hangs until I move default.pa out of the way
and kill pulseaudio. I tried ordering things differently in the
default.pa file, load the standard drivers via HAL first and add in the
jack module after. It looks like the jack module is hanging the PA
server because it cant find a running jackd. I was hoping it acted more
like a hotplug setup and made the jackd source and sink available when
they came on line.

Anyway, thats my use case.  I can do without the secondlife audio if
necessary when streaming but if I can get both that'd be ideal.  Any
suggestions are greatly appreciated.  The work that's gone into getting
these two audio systems to behave in 10.04 alone is very nice. Thanks
for that!


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