not sure where to ask this question, about the audio production possibilities...

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> I have been on the graphics end of computers, everything from photo
> through layout to 3d for cad/cam, and therefore my initial interest in
> studio.

> Does anyone have some programs that i should concentrate on to start
> with, and any other advice?  There seems to be so much
> available....thanks, gabriel
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For someone working with audio, you will want to make sure you understand
how to start the JACK audio server.  Oddly enough, for software that is the
heart of professional audio in Linux, there is surprisingly little
documentation on this software.  Here is about as good a guide as there is
on using JACK:

That is a chapter in a manual on using Ardour, which is the other
application that you WILL want to know if you really want to get the most
out of your Ubuntu Studio install.  The link to the full manual is:

Many people will recommend Audacity, particularly for beginners.  But trust
me, if you plan on getting into Ubuntu Studio and Linux audio for the long
haul,  Ardour is the program you'll want to use.

Speaking of Ardour, I noticed there's a good change they won't reach their
fundraising goals over at this month.  So, as a reminder to all
you audio enthusiasts:  If you're on this list and you use Ardour regularly
and you're not a subscriber, you should seriously consider supporting the
program financially.
-Brian David
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