access root terminal ??

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Sat Mar 20 14:30:05 GMT 2010

Khalid Said wrote:
> when I try the password it gives me the following:
> su: Authentication failure
> I tried to change the root password from System > Administration > 
> Users and Groups
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su is not enabled by default on Ubuntu.
sudo is, however.
When you want to execute a command as super user you do:
sudo <command>

If you want to open a program as superuser (which, you rarely do):
gksudo <command>

for example, this opens the program "nvidia-settings" as super user:
gksudo nvidia-settings

Ubuntu uses "sudo", while other distros, like Fedora might be set to use 
"su", by default.

check out this link:
and this:

You should also check out:

Hope it helps..

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