Skype audio crashes

Terry Talim melanyor at
Sat Jul 31 20:41:15 BST 2010

Skype audio crashes when teleconferencing, and even when using just audio,
and with it crashes skype seconds thereafter.

  I've had this problem ever since I installed skype back . I have looked
repeatedly for answers on forums but it seems like only a very few people
have it. So I fear this might be a hardware issue.

I have a Lenovo T61 laptop with an Intel soundcard running Ubuntu Studio. I
really hope it's more a settings/preferences issue. I have upgraded a month
ago to Lucid Lynx.

Please let me know what kind of information would help identify the problem
so I can post them. Any hints are welcome. I'm willing to try out anything
now that i'm on vacation. I'll keep trying to find out what's wrong and keep
you posted.

Regards, Terry

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