Testing Ubuntu Studio amd64 ISO Image

Scott Lavender scottalavender at gmail.com
Fri Jul 30 04:31:30 BST 2010

First let me say, "Wow!  Thanks for all the replies."  It's really great so
see so many people offering to help :)  Sorry it took a bit to get back with
you but things have been pretty busy.

Holstein finished the tests in short order even though the current Alpha
build was not available.  Therefore, the immediate need is fulfilled but we
do need help to test the next Alpha and Beta ISOs coming up, and each cycle.
 Any help is always appreciated.

To understand when the ISO's are released for Maverick you can check here :
To see when tests have not been completed you can see here:

@ Laurent, thanks but for Alpha 2 all the tests were completed.  But you can
certainly help us with Alpha 3 to be released on August 3rd.

@ Patrick and Neil, please help test Alpha 3 and the Release Candidates.
 You can find good information about ISO testing at the Ubuntu wiki page:
And you a good blog post about ISO testing at:

@ Ricardo, Hi Ricardo!  Hope to see you on IRC soon!

@ Kenneth, the 10.04.01 release is a milestone release for the Long Term
Support (LTS) release.  Essentially at that point there is nothing to test,
it is just a release.  And you are correct to reprimand me that I was not
explicitly clear to test for 10.10 :)

Again, thank you all for your interest in making Ubuntu Studio better.
 Remember, every time we test is a chance to catch a bug before it is
released and affects you and everyone else!

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