teza tsaliou75 at
Thu Jul 8 21:17:29 BST 2010

Hi Scott, the debian package won't install as the version of libjack0 is 
not the same.
Do you have an idea hox to fix that. Actually I think is a bit of shame 
to have bugs like that in an Lts release, I really like Traverso. 
Everybody talk about Ardour who's a really great soft, but Traverso is 
really good and powerful piece of software and works very well on an 
eeepc for exemple.
Thanks for your help

Le 08/07/2010 16:17, Scott Lavender a écrit :
> On Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 8:26 AM, teza <tsaliou75 at 
> <mailto:tsaliou75 at>> wrote:
>     Hi, I would like to find a version of Traverso who's working, because
>     the one in UBS is buggy and doesn't work at all.
>     If you got a link for a deb package.
>     Thanks
>     Regards
>     Teza
> Bonjour Teza,
> I had meant to reply to a previous email of yours regarding Traverso 
> but I had not.  I apologize for that.  However, I have some 
> information about Traverso that you might find of interest.
> Firstly, you may find the latest (in Debian) Traverso here:
> At the bottom of the page is a link to .deb files for different 
> architectures.  As far as I can tell, this is the latest stable 
> release for Traverso (shown as 0.49.1 on their download page).
> After talking with an individual named Hollunder in the 
> #opensourcemusicians IRC channel, who seems quite knowledgeable about 
> Traverso, I learned that the version in Ubuntu in Karmic and Lucid 
> (0.49.0~rc1) was a release candidate known and acknowledged to be 
> buggy by upstream.
> However, the current version (0.49.1) is now in Maverick (thanks 
> Debian Multimedia Team!).
> I hope you find this information useful.
> Regards,
> ScottL

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