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Well, in fact with Ubuntu (Studio or not) you should update one by one, it
means that, if you're using 8.04 as me, you should upgrade at 8.10,
therefore at 9.04 and so... If you have not the DVDs in that order, you
should back-up your information and later make a clean update.

The better is to have the /home in a physical partition different from the /
mounting point, it lets you to keep your data in a secure place even if the
system fails. I don't know why you are thinking to update, but if you get
your Ubuntu studio 8.04 (by example) running without problems maybe will be
better wait few months yet until be ready the Next Version Ubuntu Studio
10.04 Lucid Lynx, it's LTS too as the actual 8.04 and the former 6.06.

If you get troubles and need update urgently, without an
Internet connection I could help u. I've got a trick for it, but it's
written in Spanish.

Cheers and luck:

lutar e vencer!
lluitar i vèncer!
combattre et vaincre!
combattere e vincere!
vechten en overwinnen!
kämpfen und besiegen!
kämpa och besegra!
bojovat a zvítězit!
walczyć i wygrać!
воевать и выиграть!
jarraitu eta garaitu!
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