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Subject: Low latency kernel in Lucid
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Hi all, I received the following from Alessio regarding the Low latency
kernel. Please test and write to the kernel team so we can have this in
lucid and make ubuntu studio better!

I would like to remind you how large the advantages are to have a
-lowlatency kernel flavour.

Providing a lowlatency kernel allows us to have a kernel that is _very_
stable (like -generic because it is the same code without modifications and
only with a different configuration) but with very good performance
out of the box.
Moreover, to have it in the form of a kernel flavour means that it keeps up to
date with the -generic kernel without our intervention.
In this way we can avoid recomending kernel-rt to most of our users thus
it's bugs and its continual trailing version of the generic kernel.

What you can do for help?

1) Test the kernel ( http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~abogani/ ) and write an email
to kernel-team at lists.ubuntu.com
with your comments (I hope that they are enthusiastic) (the packages will
work on both karmic and lucid, however closed source graphics drivers will
not be available)
2) Write to email to the above requesting this kernel flavour
3) Write directly to Tim Gardner endorsing it

In short we could also use it as default kernel!

If you need of some background:

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