Wineasio, Guitar Rig and Jack issue on Maverik, AMD 64

Hartmut Noack zettberlin at
Tue Dec 28 15:37:25 GMT 2010

Am 25.12.2010 15:01, schrieb Ralf Mardorf:
> On Sat, 2010-12-25 at 12:34 +0100, Ronan Jouchet wrote:
>> On 10-12-25 12:58 AM, Hartmut Noack wrote:
>>> Am 22.12.2010 19:55, schrieb Scott Lavender:
>>>> On Wed, Dec 22, 2010 at 11:19 AM, NG<noisyguitar at>   wrote:
>>>>>    ...
>>>> You might also try Guitarix instead of Rakarrack.
> Guitarix can't replace Rakarrack and to be fair,

It depends on what do you want. If you want a software, that emulates a 
(very good)standard-amp with a set of standard-effects plus a convolver 
guitarix would be (and is actually) my first choice.
If you need more FX, Rakarrack could be better. But to be perfectly 
honest: in the end it is a matter of personal taste. Guitarix can do 
perfectly the same as Rakarrack.

> Rakarrack can't replace
> Guitarix, OTOH simply using Fon's Jconvolver + some distortion might be
> near to be able to replace Guitarix, but it still won't replace
> Rakarrack.
> Rakarrack can be used for professional sounding Hardrock guitars in the
> style of the 80s, IMO it's nearly possible to reproduce the genius sound
> of LPs like "I against I" from the Bad Brains, just by playing the
> guitar to the mixing console, without an guitar amp, when using
> Rakarrack. Well, 70s and ex 80s style IMO can't be emulated good by
> software effects.

Guitarix has made profound progress in the last 6 months. A recent 
version can produce any sound one would expect from a real amp from the 
pro-league. If you apply impulse-responses from a sound, you can have 
virtually any sound with it.
But emulation of existing sounds is nice, if you like such tricks. Much 
more important for me is, that Guitarix takes the signal from my guitars 
very very similar as a real amp does. Given you use a 
middleclass-interface like the instrument-in of a MAudio mobile pre or a 
simple mixer and a envy24-card you can actually sweep from slightely 
overdrive clean-sounds to crushing distortion by using the volume-wheel 
on the guitar. All the finery in playing guitar-strings from sweet low 
caressing to most brutal strumming shred is preserved. This is a feature 
I miss in most other digital modeling solutions.
It shall not sound "good" it shall sound like me ;-)

best regs


> 2 cents,
> Ralf
>>> I second that absolutely 101%. If you build it from source you can get
>>> the variant gx_head as well that presents the software indeed as real amp.
>> Hi NG,
>> Back to the subject, this howto (and its comments) could help you to get
>> wineasio up:
>> Meeeeeeerry Christmas :)
>> Ronan

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