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Wed Dec 22 16:16:14 GMT 2010

Miranda Pennington wrote:
> Thanks to everyone who has responded to my first question here on the 
> mailing list :)
> I am wondering if anyone has found a decent parametric equalizer plugin 
> for using with ardour or another program. Something that allows you to 
> control the Q for any adjustment and has a graphic representation 
> showing the EQ adjustment as a point on a curve.
Hi Miranda

My go-to EQ for absolutely everything these days is EQ10Q. It's LV2 
though, not LADSPA. Ten bands of EQ, with high and low shelves, HP, LP, 
parametric and notch. It shows the shape of the adjustments as well.

For me, it was worth compiling Ardour myself with LV2 support just for 
this EQ. Then there's all the fantastic Calf and Invada LV2 plugins as 
well -- the icing on the cake.

The website for it is here:

Maybe this will be helpful.


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