Parametric Equalizer

Rolf Krüger rolf-krueger at
Wed Dec 22 16:01:13 GMT 2010

Hi Miranda,

On 22.12.2010 16:49, Miranda Pennington wrote:
> Thanks to everyone who has responded to my first question here on the
> mailing list :)
> I am wondering if anyone has found a decent parametric equalizer plugin for
> using with ardour or another program. Something that allows you to control
> the Q for any adjustment and has a graphic representation showing the EQ
> adjustment as a point on a curve.

Hmm, I was searching for the same when I made my first steps with ardour
... I always use the ardour plugins "headless" (without a fancy GUI)
just the parameter sliders. But after getting used to it over time, I
must say that I don´t miss those fancy plugin GUIs any more. It helps me
more to listen to the changes that occur when I slide the parameters.
Anyway, I have seen screenshots of ardour on the web, showing plugins
with those fancy GUIs.


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