Wineasio, Guitar Rig and Jack issue on Maverik, AMD 64

Ronan Jouchet ronan at
Wed Dec 22 13:58:11 GMT 2010

On 10-12-22 02:34 PM, NG wrote:
> Hey guys!
> ...
> Any idea, suggestion or advice would be very much appreciated :)
> Thanks!
> NG

Hi NG!

You're asking for help on a complicated steam machine and we don't know
if each piece works independently, let alone the assembly. To help you
we need more background on your setup:
  0. Which kernel are you using? (use "uname -r")
  1. Does JACK start successfully? (can it run without interruption?)
  2. Do native JACK apps work? (can you work on Ardour, Rakarrack, etc.)
  3. *Does REAPER work?* (it should, REAPER supports WINE admirably). To
me, having confirmation of this last point would be very meaningful
since it would mean we are sure you have a sane wineasio setup. We'll
see about GR afterwards.

Finally, have you considered using native apps? I don't know your use
case but as a guitarist you should at least have a look at {Rakarrack,
Sooperlooper, JACK Timemachine, Calf plugins (and many others)}. WINE
apps are never a good idea; even if you get GR running tomorrow, you
_will_ end up unhappy (to be polite) someday. Which killer feature are
you missing?

Tell us about your progress; if you need direct help, feel free to ask
#ubuntustudio on Freenode.

Ronan Jouchet

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