minimal distribution - maximum sound??

Andrew Euell andrew at
Sat Dec 18 02:11:19 GMT 2010

Is dynebolic deprecated in favor if puredyne?
or are they both still maintained?
also the gif on the dynebolic site pushed me back into the 90's

On Fri, Dec 17, 2010 at 5:50 PM, Karl Giesing <khzmusik at> wrote:
>> i would like to know if somebody got experience with running audio apps on
>> a small as possible distro tailor made for your own machines.
> If you have truly ancient machines, dyne:bolic is probably your best bet:
> Its successor is Puredyne:
> I was also looking to see if Puppy Linux has some sort of audio "puplet"
> (its name for a distribution, kind of) but I don't think it does.
> On the other hand, most Linux systems will run OK on older hardware, but
> they probably won't handle the desktop environment. So, depending on hard
> drive space, you could just get e.g. UbuStu and switch GNOME for  Xfce or
> Another option is to get a "generic" lightweight Ubuntu (Lubuntu, Xubuntu)
> and install the apps/packages as needed. You'll probably need to install the
> realtime kernel, however. (Assuming that's important - you can actually get
> pretty good latency with the generic kernel, at least as good as latency on
> Windows.)
> -Karl.
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