off and on sound problem

Douglas Pollard dougpol1 at
Wed Dec 15 15:53:51 GMT 2010

Mike this whole thing turned into a comedy of errors.  I took the old 
sound blaster card out and the internal card or chip works, I have 
sound.  The first time I put the sound card in it worked for a little 
while so I really am not sure the the problem but the internal card was 
doing the same thing ( working on and off). Seems like it uses a 
different driver maybe.  What ever was going on seems to have stopped 
and sound works good now.  Whether or not it will continue is yet to be 
seen.  This whole sound thing is really confusing.  It seems that Pulse 
audio works in Alsa,but when i look at the the sound control the 
speakers appear to be muted and yet are working.  That makes no sense to 
me.  IT looks as though I should not have any sound at all??   I have 
some reading to do if this is to make any sense at all.  On top of this 
Jack seems involved Does it run on and depend on alsa?  Does it not run 
at all unless you turn it on? As I remember someone asked me If I was 
using Jack if I was would  Alsa or Pulse not work.  As it stands right 
know I have no idea how these sound systems work.  I am planning to 
spend a lot of today reading in hopes of understanding all this.  I 
fully expect to loose sound again in the next day or so.  As far as I 
can tell nothing has been really fixed.  I had been typing pavucontrol 
in the terminal before when sound quit. I was turning off the computer 
and getting sound back again on start up, until I lost sound again with 
the warning of a lost connection.  So it has been only a temporary fix 
and sound would begin crackling and popping before it quit which led me 
to believe it was a hardware problem.  I don't think this is over yet?
     I will Google for a special driver for the sound card. I would like 
to have it installed temporarily if it can be made to work. The sound it 
produces is really sweet compared to the internal card but I will buy 
another card to install, also.  I guess this thread is solved at least 
for now.          Thanks for the help.             Doug

       P.S. Using the IRC channel was great and a real eye opener.

On 12/14/2010 08:19 PM, Mike Holstein wrote:
> no worries, i saw you had joined, but i was out... you'll see a tab at 
> the top that says '#ubuntustudio" thats the support channel...
> On Tue, Dec 14, 2010 at 8:16 PM, Douglas Pollard <dougpol1 at 
> <mailto:dougpol1 at>> wrote:
>     On 12/14/2010 06:28 PM, Mike Holstein wrote:
>>     if you get a minute, come to the IRC channel and look for me -
>>     holstein
>>     <>
>>     maybe we can trouble-shoot it a little more in real-time

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