Shifting pitch in a MIDI file?

Neil Jensen neilevanjensen at
Mon Dec 13 22:21:28 GMT 2010

Just a thought, but maybe try a different virtual keyboard.

On 12/13/2010 10:06 AM, Angel de Vicente wrote:
> Hi,
> On 13/12/10 14:54, Ricardo Lameiro wrote:
>> Nice that you found a solution, but it seems to me that you could have
>> some problem with sample rates. maybe you are playing a 44.1ks/s in
>> 48kS/s this could pitch up or the reverse pitchdown. This is often
>> overlook. maybe someone more experienced on this matter can contribute
>> some ideas in here.
> I'm a complete newbie on these matters, so I might be completely wrong,
> but I thought that sample rates were relevant to audio files, but not to
> MIDI files? Well, I think the problem is not even related to the MIDI
> file: If I just play A in the Virtual Keyboard, it does not play a 440Hz
> A, it is somewhere around C.
> Any ideas where to look for what could be wrong with my software/computer?
> Thanks,
> Ángel de Vicente

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