Suggestions on soundcards?

alexander dahlberg dahlberg.alexander at
Wed Dec 1 12:25:04 GMT 2010

Hello Ubuntu Studio Community,

I should first mention this is the first time i write you for help ,
and im not exactly an expert on linux or sound engineering.

But i play in a band and we thought we give it a shot and record a demo ;)
Ive used an old laptop as a studio machine,  installed Ubuntu studio
leatest Version (leatest update 2 weeks ago)
ive got Jackd and Ardour 2 configured  for recording.  took me a while
to set-up......
...but with the documentation provided by the Ubuntu Community it now
works as a charm. ;-)

but i realy need a better soundcard...
the Zepto laptop have a Intel Hda card with only one line in.

what soundcard does the Ubuntu Studio Community recommend?

i would like at least 4 channels input, and connect through USB.

Thanks in advance, and many thanks for this great Linux distribution.
saved me alot of license fees ;)

Kind Regards

Alexander Dahlberg
Al & The Awesomes

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