Start 2 functions of apps at same point of time

Dennis Neumeier dennismail at
Sun Aug 22 15:35:06 BST 2010

> IIUC you aren't asking for sync in general, but you wish to record the
> guitar and after a while Hydrogen should start?

Hm, yes and no: I might use different Hydrogen patterns and they should switch 
at a certain time in the Ardour recording (eg different Hydrogen patterns for 
intro and chorus of the song)

> So, I'm not an Ardour and Hydrogen user until now, but I'm experienced
> using MIDI and non-MIDI sync.

Oh, I was not using MIDI up to now, so please be patient when I do not 
understand something at once :)
> E.g. make a song with Hydrogen playing nothing for e.g. 10 bars and then
> let Hydrogen play the needed patterns, sync should be done by JACK
> transport.

Ah... There's something lke "sync by JACK transport". Sounds like this is 
something useful for me. But how do I use it? Is there any easy "first steps" 
for me?

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