How to get ubuntu studio from an ubuntu standard

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> ScottL, your statement boggles my mind. Could you rewrite it so it says
> what you mean to say. You ask the recipient to be careful --- okay. You talk
> about a real-time kernel and an older kernel. Then you say, "However,,, "
> What do you mean ScottL. Say it without all the extras!
> Kenneth


Certainly.  While the individual facts are simplistic, the aggregate can be
complicated.  Therefore I'll use short sentences to step through the logic.

The OP stated that he had installed Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) but wanted to
upgrade to Ubuntu Studio.

Ubuntu and Ubuntu Studio include the 2.6.35 kernel in a default installation
in lucid (10.04).

A real-time 2.6.35 kernel is not available in any of the official
repositories in Ubuntu.

The linked documentation to upgrade to Ubuntu Studio suggests installing the
linux-rt package.

The linux-rt pacakge for lucid (10.04) is a 2.6.31kernel with real-time
preemption.  Note that this is an older kernel version.

Therefore, if Aradnix complied absolutely with the documentation's
suggestions he would experience a regression in kernel version.

Real-time preemption would be gained but the older kernel version (2.6.31)
may not include some particular hardware driver that was included in the
default installed kernel (2.6.35) included with Lucid.  This may or may not
be a problem depending on his hardware.

I apologize if this seemed pedantic but I want to make sure that everyone

Please let me know if I can help further.


P.S. My understanding is that the reason for the discrepancy between generic
and real-time kernel versions is because a patch (historically from Ingo
Molnar) is required to create a real-time kernel and the patch is not made
for every available kernel.
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