How to get ubuntu studio from an ubuntu standard

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ScottL, your statement boggles my mind. Could you rewrite it so it says what
you mean to say. You ask the recipient to be careful --- okay. You talk
about a real-time kernel and an older kernel. Then you say, "However,,, "
What do you mean ScottL. Say it without all the extras!

On Wed, Aug 11, 2010 at 1:53 PM, Scott Lavender <scottalavender at>wrote:

> On Wed, Aug 11, 2010 at 12:41 PM, Aradenatorix Veckhom Vacelaevus <
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>> Hi everybody:
>> I bought a new netbook last week, it¡s a Toshiba Satellite T115D SP2001M
>> with AMD Neo MV40 processor, 1 GB from 4 GB available, an ATI chip and 11.6"
>> screen. I installed Ubuntu 10.04 and all it's ok. But I miss all the
>> aplications from my old LTS Ubuntu studio at home. I think I can search and
>> download all the specifical applications from the software center of Ubuntu,
>> but I hope you know a way for get them all easily. I get the Ubuntu studio
>> controls installed but I have not idea how to use them or how can it helps
>> me.
>> Thanks for yoru helping and your time;
>> Aradnix
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> Hello Aradnix,
> I would highly suggest you look at this web page on the help.ubuntu.comwebsite:
> This page specifically discusses "upgrading" from a regular Ubuntu
> installation to Ubuntu Studio.
> Please be careful about including the linux-rt package though.  I believe
> that the only real-time kernel available is an older kernel.  This available
> real-time kernel is completely functional and will provide you with
> real-time functionality, however since it is not the latest available it
> might be missing some hardware drivers for newer hardware.
> Regards,
> ScottL
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