Motherboard compatibility - AMD, Intel

Fernando Gomes f.m.gomes at
Mon Apr 26 12:14:09 BST 2010

Hello all!

I've changed my system due to compatibility problems with
ubuntustudio, but still have similar problems with the new one. Both
have Athlon 64 x2 processors, one has a MSI motherboard, other an
Elite motherboard. With the current 10.04 release (not final) I have
also similar problems (it doesn't even boot this time, after
installing the OS). I remember a previous discussion recommending the
use of Intel processors. So it seems I have to change my motherboard
and CPU again, now for an Intel :-(

What are your recommendations for an inexpensive Intel based
configuration, able to run Ubuntustudio? It must be inexpensive, it
will be my third motherboard and CPU for my homestudio, if it isn't
inexpensive my wife will kill me :-)

I've saw some inexpensive motherboard+cpu bundles, with an ASROCK
G31M-S motherboard and an Intel E3300 CPU, do you think this dual core
celeron has enough power to have some realtime effects running well
(p.e. rackarrack)? And with this hardware should I expect some
compatibility issues with ubuntustudio?

Thanks and best regards


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