Album recorded in Ubuntu Studio

Robin Darlington robin.darlington at
Fri Apr 23 17:06:12 BST 2010

Hi everyone !
Just wanted to share something with you all.
I have been using Ubuntu Studio since early 2008.

With my band (Something Else : )  we have
just released a home-studio album  made with Ubuntu Studio.

If you want you can take a listen to 3 of the songs here :

We recorded all the tracks and did all of the editing with Ardour. What a
fantastic tool !

Sadly the music was not mixed with Ardour though because, in our opinion,
the plugins supported on Ardour/linux do not equal those availble for
Logic/Mac osX.
I had some tries getting VSTs to work with a compiled Ardour and wine but to
be honest I did not find it very reliable and satisfying.
I look forward to a day when Ardour will work with all or most of same
plugins Logic and Protools do...

Take care and have a great Week End !

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