Trouble with wireless setup

Thomas Orgis thomas-forum at
Mon Apr 19 22:46:01 BST 2010

Am Mon, 19 Apr 2010 16:36:15 +0000 (GMT)
schrieb kirko birilli <whyshenwhy at>: 

> hi thomas,
> wicd and rutilt and all the other graphical applications will not connect nothing if you don't have a 2.6.2x got  mobile broadband and no problem in 9.10 with networkmanager out of box.what card do you use with wicd?u got good reception?

Hm, did you confuse me with someone else? I didn't say I use wicd, just that I see it recommended when people have issues with network-manager. The latter indeed manages the wireless broadband (well... not that broad) just fine. Connection quality seems to be defined by the network (I don't have the best one here) and the modem (sometimes seems to die on me).
One annoying thing with network-manager is that I have to restart it to show the tray icon along with my 3G modem (might be that old bug about network manager being confused by a static eth0 config).

Alrighty then,


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