Trouble with wireless setup

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Mon Apr 19 17:23:42 BST 2010

hoi mischa,
but what happened to your wireless connection?which device you got?ralink,netgear or what?did upgrading solve your problem?
wireless stuff, a new rt3090 card which hasn't got monitor mode.will downgrade to rt73.

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Rolf Krüger wrote:
> Hello Mischa,
> mischa falkenburg wrote:
>> Here's the latest -
>> On another box I was able to download the .iso file for 9.04, and did 
>> the install...I think maybe not. When the install was at the point to 
>> eject the disk and boot, there was the dreaded Error 18.
>> What to do next?
>> Mischa
> If the forum thread does not help:
> One trick I did earlier when I ran into such probs, was using a windows
> boot disk in order to rewrite the mbr (U can find how to do this on
> google) and then booted from the linux-cd again, using the option
> "Install Grub/Bootmanager" or "Repair broken installation" or st. like that.
> Pretty sure, it´s because there has been an older grub sitting in your mbr.
> regards
> rolf
Thanks for the help guys.
It WAS an mbr issue. I removed the older 8.04, and used the dvd as a 
recovery disk, re-installing grub to the mbr.
All is well.


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