Trouble with wireless setup

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> Hi, I am writing this via my Xubuntu (9.04) installation, but I've also
> installed Studio (8.04) on this box so I'll have my choice in Grub.
> OK, the install went alright...except it wouldn't detect any network
> stuff, etc.
> So, it appears to be a functioning install, but I'm unable to get the
> wifi network connection going...even with it set to DHCP. Is it because
> of the difference in the versions? Does 8.04 have a "problem" because
> it's 8.04 instead of 9.04?
> Any help greatly appreciated.
> Mischa
>  <>

network manager was not installed by default in Hardy 8.04.  This was a
conscious decision by the developers.

If you do not have it installed you might try that first.

Some have reported having to turn on "roaming mode" also.

Here is a link that might help:

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