[LAU] M-Audio Audiophile 2496 on modern Ubuntu

Ricardo Lameiro ricardolameiro at gmail.com
Thu Apr 8 10:44:05 BST 2010

Hi all,

About PulseAudio, I can understand some of the reasons why people dislike
I am on the process to test the beta (10.04), and one of the most important
features is the inclusion of jack on the main repositories.
being said that, the integration with jack software now will be much better,
First place the audio software couldn't be compiled and offered as a binary
on main, without the other libs being on main.
Now its just a matter of the packager, simple compile them with jack
support, including totem.

Why Pulseaudio, well Pulse audio is a platform that tries to unite all the
old sound architectures and create a easy Desktop audio framework. Is it
perfect? no, thats true, to much latency for pro audio, but for day to day
use is very handy. Pleople should also bear in mind that UbuntuStudio is
used on desktop machines and laptops, not only "Studio" machines, that the
only thing they do is pro audio, that assumption would be ridiculous.
I use pulse for my day to day desktop, and jack for pro audio things. when I
start jack, pulse just stops, and everything works, if i want to play
something through jack, i use a jack-aware app, like vlc. Why would i want
to browse around the web, and look at youtube videos, when i am working on
pro audio stuff?

Another thing to have in mind is that pulse audio is not going away, and it
will be used by the other distros also. I am not a pulse defender, in fact i
don't like it as much i like alsa and jack, but it is like democracy....

About settings made to the ubuntu studio distro I made a little wiki page to
discuss a ubuntu studio controls redesign. I would like to have some help
from you Sandie :D the main goal of the redesign is to have a PRO Control
Panel for US, that addresses most of the pro users needs. please contribute
to the wiki, add tutorials you find to set audio things, new ideas, etc As
fast we decide what to put inside, as fast this can be made and maybe we can
get it in Maverick.

Best regards

Ricardo Lameiro

2010/4/8 sandie <sandie at sandgreen.dk>

> mark wrote:
> > [1] gnome depends on pulse, so we have to have it (which begs the
> > question, why do we need gnome?)
> >
> Besause KDE/XFCE isnt as stable as Gnome ? I'm only speaking out of
> personal expirence here YMMV.
> > [2] the ubuntu hierarchy insist we use pulse (which begs the question,
> > wouldn't we be better off working under debian?)
> >
> A lot of things just work in Ubuntu. I have used Linux (Redhat) as a
> webserver for many years, but when Ubuntu came along I was able to
> switch to Linux on my desktop also.
> Things seam to happen fast in Ubuntu ( allthou some might say TOO fast ).
> > I think it's a bit of a joke to have an audio-focussed distro in which
> > the first things I have to do post-install are disable some of the
> > default features and manually edit settings.
> >
> I have to agree here, my check-list of things to do after a re-install
> grows with every release, sad but true.
> but at some point you just want to make some music and not have to
> bother with all the technical stuff, and getting to know a new distro is
> still more trouble than tweaking Ubuntu so it fits... at least for now.
> Regards
> Sandie
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