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On Mon, Sep 7, 2009 at 10:35 AM, Kiernan Holland <rofthorax at>wrote:

>> It's beside the point as to which e-mail client one uses, these are
>> general e-mail courtesies.  But if you had checked my address you'd notice
>> gmail in it as well.
>> Please quit replying to yourself.  Compose your e-mail then send it.  For
>> live chat, go to #ubuntustudio on the and have
>> discussions there.
>> -Eric
> So are you doing this for yourself or for others.. I'd like to see who else
> has a problem with my emails? I don't think it is beside the point. I think
> the point is to make things easier and I'm suggesting a way.. If you are
> unable to handle information, I suggest you get off the computer.
> --

I have a small issue with it. Sending a lot of mails replying to yourself is
rather rude, especially when the mails are largely offtopic. Please attempt
to stay on topic and follow the mailing list ettiquette - you can find it

Hope that helps explain it. And please, feel very free to visit the
#ubuntustudio IRC channel.



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