Ardour and Funding

Kiernan Holland rofthorax at
Mon Sep 7 08:09:55 BST 2009

Sorry, I use Gmail which automatically threads the emails in batches.. I
don't have this problem anymore. It would be nice if the whole world uses
gmail, consider that you can use "https" which encrypts the messages over
untrusted lines.. But if you don't trust Google Mail, I'm sure you could
find a plugin for Thunderbird that would do the same thing. But if you use
Pine or Elm or some old terminal based email program, I can't really help

God forbid you are using outlook. But I can understand it if you are using a

> Oh, looks like I have another e-mail from you... off I go to read.
> Please don't take offense, I mean these suggestions in a very polite
> manner, and I hope that you continue to keep this list full of active
> conversation - just in a more orderly fashion if possible.
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