Ardour and Funding

Brian David beejunk at
Sun Sep 6 20:54:08 BST 2009

Over at the website, there has been some pretty good discussion
concerning funding for Ardour, and for FOSS audio projects in general.

The discussion has inspired me to send out another reminder (one of which
comes up every now and then on this list) that Ardour is still on shaky
financial grounds.  Next to JACK, Ardour is the most important piece of
software for my personal use within Ubuntu Studio, and this ditstro would be
essentially useless to me without Ardour.  Many of you probably feel the
same way, and so I encourage you to become a subscriber.  There are
currently only 290 monthly subscribers, and this seems to me to be a shame.
If you can, please subscribe, and if a monthly payment is not something you
can do, then at least consider a single donation.  Anything helps.


-Brian David
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