Laptop and sound card for ubuntu studio

Kiernan Holland rofthorax at
Tue Sep 1 12:52:19 BST 2009

> I am a very happy Dell Latitude e6400 and Lenovo X41 (Tablet) owner. In
> both cases I used after market RAM and hard drives (4 GiB in the Dell, 2
> GiB in the Lenovo, you can never have enough RAM IMO).  I also used 7200
> RPM hard drives.  I really like the eSATA port on the Dell.  If only I
> had waited for the self powered eSATA spec...

You can get a PNY SATA PCMCIA card for something like 13 dollars at a best
I backup my laptops to my half terrabyte seagate with that.

Oh BTW, go check out Dell Financial services, they sell Dell equipment off
lease for less. 280 dollars for Dimension 9150 with 3Ghz Pentium D
processor. I've got a 9150, and it's fairly nice. It's what I used when
screencasting videogames and tutorials for youtube.
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